New “Budget”/Scalable Drone!

So I’m gathering the parts I need for a NEW drone, based on the RDQ Source One V3 frame (open source).

Starting with Mamba MK2 40A Stack, iFlight XING-E 2208 2-6s FPV Motors, and to start: that’s it! I can get this priced reasonably for an awesome, FAST, versatile drone, that you can add to it as your interests/skills develop. Start out by learning to pilot in Mode 2…move onto FPV when you’re ready by adding goggles, a VTX, camera. (Or we can do it for you!). Add GPS when you want, etc., etc.

Bottom-line: A FAST 5″ drone build for solid performance, that you can “try out” this awesome hobby of ours, without spending so much $$$ on the whole package! This will be scalable: add what you want, when you want, and we’ll build it to spec, or start w / the basics, and become a great pilot first! Whatever works!

I’ll post pictures as I build. Excited a out this one!


Fred Colclough


Autonomous Drones!

So I’ve always been interested in autonomous flight in general. Considering we’re IT professionals, that makes sense: Nothing quite like a Drone-Bot! 😉 <<– Made that up, maybe I'll use it to title one of these!

I'm going to build a few drones with IMU, GPS, for maximal stabilization to create a super fun-to-fly drone that can also go from Point A to Point B on its own! Yeah, Baby!

I'll be chatting about the components I plan to use, and notes as I build, test, re-build, etc. Oh, and the biggest factor: BUILD IT ON A BUDGET! I want something like this to be obtainable by most, so it's really gotta have a reasonable price-point.

Open to suggestions too of course! Baby steps, though: first goal is auto-hover, stabilization; easy flight. Come along for the ride!


Fred Colclough


Desire for RTF Bundles?

So. I’ve had a few hobbyists out there request complete RTF kits. I’ve modeled this venture as “Professionally-Built DIY Drones”, and that’s what we love to do most: BUILD!

We would then have to carry additional stock in radios, receivers, and accessories, and offer them for sale in the “bundles”. We could always start with just one or two models, say, with the best discount radio out there, the FlySky FS-i6x, and several great receivers.

Is there interest out there? Or do most of you prefer to use your own radios, and purchase our builds.

Thanks for your thoughts!

Fred Colclough


iFlight Turbo Bee Build?


Hello All! I’m considering offering the TURBO BEE professional-build. It’s a fantastic 4″ drone that competes with the 5’ers very well. Fast & a quick response make it a force.

It’s a difficult build for non-expert soldering folks. The pads on the FC are REALLY TINY. The ESC isn’t much better. This one requires a magnifier to solder it up.

Thoughts? Anyone interested? If there’s enough interest I’ll build it. I built one several months ago, for a friend.

Keep dronin’!