8 thoughts on “Tyro 129 – 7″

  1. I’ve been wanting one of these Gyros a little over a year now they’ve been way too high you cannot afford it really can’t now but seems like there’s actually someone there to help finally in the heart if there’s any way feasible and it has to be programmed in any kind of way can’t do it and the box I don’t have a computer LOL somebody please tune it to I don’t have a way to nor do I have a computer sorry just give me a simple tune let’s get me in the air andJumper t lite radio or my Trantis QX7 & i only fly in Horizon,& Lwve

    1. That’s PRECISELY what we’re here for! Build great, professional drones, ready to fly for you Guys! Thanks for the kind words. Let me know what you’d like built. The Tyro 129 is a great beginner-intermediate quad!

  2. Hello! Yes these are incredibly fun to fly!! But, quite difficult to build, which is why I build, test, fine-tune, and sell them so more can enjoy this hobby! And you need to become a good pilot before going FPV! It’s well worth it, though!


    1. P yes Fred you are correct would be a good pilot before you can be good any of the rest something I am the good poly just not in Acro LOL LOL your price has changed since I last was on here I’m unable to purchase now at this time because of the price is going up about 25 or $30 I’m not sure just somewhere around there anyways if you can get back to that price if we first discuss I will purchase today I left you a email just contact me at your earliest convenience I left my phone number to call that way it’s quicker you know like malt liquor so it’s quicker LOL have a good day sir thank you

  3. Just want to say how awesome this 7″ drone is! For the money, you get EVERY capability really. GPS for under $150? Serious? Love this drone, and the budget/scalable idea is interesting. I’ll have to keep an eye on that one as you go.

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