iFlight Turbo Bee Build?


Hello All! I’m considering offering the TURBO BEE professional-build. It’s a fantastic 4″ drone that competes with the 5’ers very well. Fast & a quick response make it a force.

It’s a difficult build for non-expert soldering folks. The pads on the FC are REALLY TINY. The ESC isn’t much better. This one requires a magnifier to solder it up.

Thoughts? Anyone interested? If there’s enough interest I’ll build it. I built one several months ago, for a friend.

Keep dronin’!



6 thoughts on “iFlight Turbo Bee Build?

  1. I would like to see what it looks like could you send me a little something on it and on your other drones as well you know I’m interested I love doing my hobby, I’m trying to get your tyro 129 but things the price has changed on me can you contact me 270-731-9211

  2. Hey Bro’. Glad we connected via chat today. I’ll post more pix of all available builds. And I’ll start adding “BUILDABLES”, which would require a bit more time to ship since they’re either not built at all, or partials. I can even post progress. 😉 The Super Bee for example. Thanks, and we’ll get you flying again!

  3. I could be interested in the Turbo Bee. I’m still a beginner, so those solder pads look ridiculously small to me. What might it cost when built?

  4. I went ahead and placed in the home page slider, and on the shopping page. It’s currently running at the low price of $179.00. An awesome little racer for the money, and a difficult build you’d rather not do yourself I’m sure!

  5. The Turbobee is a fun little quad! I built one awhile back, flew it a LOT, then a crash. Couldn’t be rebuilt. The build was very difficult; I won’t build another! If you guys are building these, good on ya’!! The solder pads are so tiny it’s insane.

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