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  1. Hi Jamie. We can build anything you like! Anything we don’t have in stock of course, will take a bit longer. If there’s enough interest in a typical DIY build, we can source them and retain stock. AndOr we can do a custom-build for you, for instance, for the H250. Just send an email to DronesByFred@gmail.com. Thanks for your interest!

    All: Feel free to let us know either here in the blog, or by email, of any builds you’d be interested in! There are a lot of them, so we don’t stock them all. Thanks!


  2. I see on your main page that the MARMOTTE is ready…. I don’t see it in SHOP. I’d love to see some pictures, that frame looks bad-a$$! Thank you.

  3. Hi Brandon! Yes, just go to SHOP and it’s there. Bear with me as I get more pictures up, but there are a couple at least. She’s a sweet flier! ‘Wish I could get the parts for less, but dang, the cost of EVERYthing electronic has gone up a ton since the Pandemic/Supply/Shipping disasters. I’m doing the best I can. I really want to get as many pilots flying these as possible since they’re SOOOO much fun! And this one is BEAUTIFUL too!


  4. What gear do you use personally? A lot of the drone guys list theirs. It would be good to know, especially since yours are BNF. Would like to know how you test.

  5. Hi Joe. Sure, I’ll post all my gear in the “About Us” page. Primary gear:

    Radio: Taranis XD9 Plus SE
    Receivers: R-XSR primarily
    Goggles: FatShark Scout / DJI V2

    I’ll added the rest in the About page. Thanks for asking, great idea!


  6. I bought your Tyro a year or so ago and I’m still enjoying it very much.

    But I’m wanting to move up. What might you recommend for something to start working on videography? Longer range, and “steady” I imagine.

    Thank you.

  7. FYI: I’m delaying the Botgrinder Demibot 5″ for a bit… difficulty getting the parts I most desire!

    Switching gears, sticking w/ another 10″: iFlight Nazgul XL10! Putting Blitz FC in it! Should be fun!

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