New “Budget”/Scalable Drone!

So I’m gathering the parts I need for a NEW drone, based on the RDQ Source One V3 frame (open source).

Starting with Mamba MK2 40A Stack, iFlight XING-E 2208 2-6s FPV Motors, and to start: that’s it! I can get this priced reasonably for an awesome, FAST, versatile drone, that you can add to it as your interests/skills develop. Start out by learning to pilot in Mode 2…move onto FPV when you’re ready by adding goggles, a VTX, camera. (Or we can do it for you!). Add GPS when you want, etc., etc.

Bottom-line: A FAST 5″ drone build for solid performance, that you can “try out” this awesome hobby of ours, without spending so much $$$ on the whole package! This will be scalable: add what you want, when you want, and we’ll build it to spec, or start w / the basics, and become a great pilot first! Whatever works!

I’ll post pictures as I build. Excited a out this one!


Fred Colclough


6 thoughts on “New “Budget”/Scalable Drone!

  1. I like this idea. I don’t like building and don’t a workshop at all, so A way to get into this without spending a lot of money at first, but get a quality partial build.

  2. I seriously love this. I’m still a newb…building sucks! I don’t have a fully functioning FPV drone yet, so I’m considering your Tyro 129 for a low-cost way to get it all.

    Now I see this, and maybe I’ll go this route too or instead. Get a drone I can fly around and learn WITHOUT FPV to start with, just mode 2, to find out how much I like it. If I want to go full FPV, I can add the needed parts (yuck) or send it back to you? Seriously? I might just be up for that Fred!

  3. Hi John! Thanks for the kind words… yes, we want to get as many new folks into this GREAT little hobby of ours, that’s growing SOOO quickly.

    I’ve added a few more pictures on the product page. I’ve got test-flights to do next, then fine-tuning. I expect it to be very fast!


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