Armattan Marmotte

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Awesome looks, great free-styler!  Pick this up while we have the parts in stock.



What a build this is!  LOVED it.  This frame is often called the “best frame ever”:

Armattan’s most advanced design execution to date, the Marmotte is the culmination of everything that was learned during the design process of all the previous flagship multi-rotors by Armattan. While you may see things that look familiar, nothing is the same. It’s way, way better. The Cage, when you examine the front-end of the Marmotte, you can immediately see the time and care that went into designing this masterpiece.
MaterialAluminum, Carbon Fiber, Foam, Metal, Steel, Titanium.
Decked out, with a F7 flight controller:
FRAME Armattan Marmotte
MOTORS: iFlight Xing-E 2208 2450kv
ESC: w/ FC
FC: Hobbywing XRotor F722 3-6S 30×30 Stack/Combo (F7 FC / 32Bit 60A 4in1 ESC)
VTX: AKK FX3 Ultimate Mini 20×20 25-600mW 5.8GHz VTX – MMCX & U.FL
CAMERA: Foxeer Razer Mini
ANTENNA: EMAX Nano 5.8GHz 50mm SMA Antenna
PROPS: Xprop 5.4-3 red /clear
BATTERY: (recommended) 4-5S/1500maAh, 100C

2 reviews for Armattan Marmotte

  1. Jon Horn

    Holy Cow! I’m so glad I bought this quad dude. It flies so fast and true! Scary fast. And it looks sick too. You guys know how to build a sweet drone, I’ll be back.

  2. Dave Henderson

    Thanks for an awesome quad. I love this Marmotte you built. You’re best!

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